Fundación Taigüey

Fundación Taigüey (, is a Non Governmental and not for Profit organization, founded in 2003, and legally established in the Dominican Republic. Its’ Mission is “to promote, implement, support and assess the processes of social transformation at the community level, promoting participative methodologies and the use of appropriate technologies. It’s vision is that the positive transformation of the communities (also called human or sustainable development, progress or advancement) is only possible when considering the integral empowerment process, that includes all social, organizational, cultural, economic, human, spiritual, environmental aspects, and with the active participation of the stakeholders.

Taigüey has several areas of Activities

  • Appropriate Technologies (energy, water, organic
    agriculture, income generation, etc)
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Rural Community and Eco Tourism
  • Solidarity Networking and Virtual Communities
  • Non Formal Popular Education
  • Valuation of Traditional Knowledge

Its transversal Methodologies include:

  • Focus integrating the environmental and cultural
  • Empowerment of the actors, strengthening organization,
    participation and capacity
  • Democracy, social justice, inclusion and gender perspective.

It implemented several projects in the field of regional networking and
ICTs, among them

  • Coordination of CarISnet 1 project (
  • Caribbean Telecenter Workshop ( and
    currently working on a project to set up the Caribbean Telecenter
  • Bohio (Dominico Haitian Civil society and development
    actors dialog platform -
  • Several Caribbean wide Networks, ecotourism network
    (CANGONET), Culture  (SALSA)

Taigüey’s national networks and initiatives include several community
based project as ecotourism, agro processing women cooperative, telecentre, municipal planning information system, research on national community access indicators, among others.. See