Association Haïtienne pour le développement des TIC

AHTIC was established in April 2006 and officially launched on May
2006, after numerous consultations and meetings among businesses and professionals in the field of ICTs. The Association comprises businesses (private, public or mixed) and professionals involved with ICTs.

The mission of the Association is to promote and integrate ICTs 1) in
institutions to make them more competitive and more prone to innovation and 2) in the daily life of people to improve their
quality of life. The Association has 8 axis of intervention:

  • Membership
  • Funding/Resources
  • Institutional and capacity building
  • Awareness and sensitization
  • Advocacy
  • Training and certifications
  • Counselling and business development
  • Regional and international outreach

Since its inception in 2006, the Association implemented a number of initiatives:

  • Leading a delegation of about 20 Haitian businesses in Novatech 2006 in the Dominican   Republic
  • Leading a delegation of about 20 Haitian businesses in Novatech/Madintech 2008 in Martinique
  • Organizing the first CIVIC promotion meeting in Haiti under
    CarISnet 1
  • Co-Organizing the local and traditional Information Society summit in Haiti in 2007
  • Advocacy, policy development and development of position
    paper in the telecoms industry in the debate for reallocation of WIMAX frequencies

The Association has just developed a new strategic plan for the next
three years along the 8 axis of intervention, and will open its membership to associate members comprised mostly of important users of technology like banks, cyber cafés, students, etc.