Jamaica Sustainable Development Network Ltd

The Network was established first in 1998 as a UNDP Programme and later registered as an not for profit NGO in 2002.

Areas of focus include;

  • The establishment and support of telecenters in marginalised areas in support of community and personal development
  • Training a range of persons in computer applications, with particular emphasis on those with inadequate opportunity to access
    these services
  • The management of the Liguanea Cybercentre as a model of a competitive, financially viable enterprise providing services to marginalised groups.
  • Increasing awareness of the use of ICTs to support sustainable development at the community and national levels
  • Partnerships and alliances

  • Forging of strategic alliances with public and private sector organisations as well as non government organizations as a mechanism to accomplish its objectives within the constraints of modest resources.
  • Establishment of community information networks at the focal points locations are not only allowing access to information from the Internet, but also function to harness information; from community based persons and agencies on current development issues within the respective communities.