Background documents for CIVIC 2.0 event

The November 2008 CIVIC consultation is all about defining a 2-3 year strategic plan for CIVIC. So here are some links to documents that can serve as background for this planning exercise.   


For an overview of CIVIC history:

View the Timeline of CIVIC since October 2002


How did all this start? CIVIC was created after the ICT Caribbean roundtable held in Barbados in 2002.

Who are the CIVIC members? To know, you can check

What do members say/think about their CIVIC community future?

Several previous exercises were conducted to help us find out, as:

  For the future CIVIC 2.0 Web platform participative definition process you can view:

  The Nov. 2008 CIVIC consultation is organized and facilitated by the CarISnet consortium, via a CIVIC mandate

There is another piece that can serve as input in this consultation process: before the CarISneT group decided to propose a consultation process (that is, the current carisnet2 facilitated CIVIC consultation process) we were thinking of proposing a mandate to directly implement a 2/3 year project. So we developed this Log Frame for a 2 year project proposal and set perspectives for CIVIC Phase 2 . Please consider those as our thoughts from a year and half ago on the future CIVIC, nothing formal, nor necessarily our current idea of what has to come out of this consultation…  


Need to know more about CarISneT ? Check: