CIVIC Membership Statistics - 2008

 Main findings

  • Since its creation, CIVIC has had over 370 subscriptions. It has grown steadily from 60 members when created in October 2002, with an average of 2 additions per month, and has currently 296  registered members/different emails. There is a very low un‐subscription rate (thanks to the  moderation?)
  • There are twice as many males as females, reflecting the fact that more men are involved in ICT  decision making and technology in the region. Individually women tend to participate less, but the  gap is stretching (historic vs. current members).
  • There is an even distribution of sectors ‐ government, non‐government, academia, business, and the  donor/development community.
  • Unsurprisingly, persons from the NGO and consultancy sectors are the most active participants,  while government people, UN agencies, donors and regional organizations tend to be more cautious  (but they remain there and listen).
  • The main language is English. Many of the Spanish and French speakers are fluent in English as well.  There is obvious misbalance relatively to the population/language stats of the Caribbean. Relatively  higher rate of desertion among Spanish speakers.
  • Participation per language of country of residence also shows more English, but followed not so far  by French and Spanish.
  • In general participation levels is higher than in average mailing list (some 25% of members  participate occasionally or frequently, while worldwide average is of 10%) – see 2006 survey at‐en.pdf
  • Civic members reside in about 40 countries. The country with most members is Barbados, followed  by Jamaica and Trinidad. Individually members residing in Trinidad are relatively more active  participants.
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