Joining CIVIC

The Caribbean ICT Virtual Community (CIVIC) is  a permanent virtual forum of Caribbean ICT stakeholders(**) 4, a venue for sharing information, holding discussions, linking ideas, actors, projects and initiatives on ICTs and development in the Caribbean.  It aims also to contribute to build a common vision/perspective on ICTs,  and to promote a Caribbean ICT strategy and Caribbean ICT actions.

To gain membership please :

  1. read the rules of participation (CIVIC Structure and Organization Chart  - draft 2) as this will help guide you to use this forum effectively. Check backgrounds documents at and Timeline of CIVIC since October 2002
  2. completely fill the registration form (click on "join this group")
  3. send a short self introduction (10-15 lines) to <civic-moderator(at)>, Cc: <yacine (at)> indicating what are your activities related to ICTs in the Caribbean or why are you (personally and/or institutionally) interested in it. Please include links and references to share with members. This self introduction will be posted  as your first contribution to the virtual community.
Welcome in advance.
Yacine Khelladi
(*) ICT = Information and Communication Technologies understood in its broader sense,  the technology, it use and integration process, social, economic, cultural and global impacts and transformations.

(**) For non "ICT + Caribbean" candidates, but who are interested in this issues,  an "observer" status has been identified which gives the possibility to participate in discussions, but not to sign collective documents or to participate in votes.