The Carisnet Consortium

The CarISnet Consortium consists of four organisations from the Caribbean dedicated to spreading the strategic use of ICTs for sustainable human development of the Caribbean. These are DevNet(Guyana), Fundación Taigüey (Dominican Republic), Jamaica Sustainable Development Network – JSDN (Jamaica), Association Haïtienne pour le Développement des TICs (Haiti)

The original consortium was formed in 2005 to propose a project to strengthen the multistakeholder Caribbean ICT stakeholders community CIVIC – the CarISNet-1 project. The project received support from the International Development Research Centre and the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas, and was implemented between 2005 and January 2007. See the CarISnet 1 menu on the left for details and results of its implementation.

In 2007 the consortium formulated a follow up project – named CarISNet-2 and subtitled Integrating and Empowering the Caribbean ICT4D stakeholders; Unleashing the transformation potential for the region - aiming to contribute to the social and economic development of the Caribbean region by strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders for regional collaborative action on critical ICT4D issues/initiatives in the Caribbean that has among its main objectives.

The main specific objective of this new phase is to facilitate the participative development of a Two year Strategic Work Plan aimed at consolidating CIVIC as a regional catalyst for ICT4D networking in the region. For this, we plan to organise the CIVIC 2.0 event inviting about 100 stakeholders. Additionally we will organise several capacity
building activities during this meeting. CarISNet-2 started in April 2008. See the CarISnet 2 menu on the left for details on its implementation and how to participate.

Additionally the CarISnet Consortium members are also partners for the implementation of the Caribbean Telecentre Alliance (ACT!) Start-up project (named ACT!ivate), that is scheduled to start by mid 2008, with the support of