Act!ivate Project

The project objective is to build/set up and initially maintain the core mechanisms of the Caribbean Telecentres (ACT!) as a regional framework for sharing and collaboration among Caribbean telecentres.

The project is scheduled to start mid 2008 with the support of The project concept is based on the outputs of the Caribbean Telecentres workshop, held in Dominican Republic in July 2006 ( , with more than 60 telecenter related stakeholders

Post workshop task force defined the Alliance of Caribbean Telecentres (ACT!) and this project aims to put in place the mechanism and organization-ware for its sustainability. The Alliance of Caribbean Telecentres (ACT!) has the objective to enable and promote sharing and collaboration among Caribbean telecentres, to strengthen the impact of telecentres initiatives in the communities. This includes objectives o Facilitating knowledge sharing and information exchange o Facilitating the development of collaborative projects o Facilitating technical peer to peer support and/or access to external technical support to telecentres of the region o promoting the digital democracy/inclusion and the right to information and to inform and promoting community empowerment and transformation capacity into the rural and urban marginal communities See full ACT! document 

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