ICT4D Policy Development Workshop

 November 11-12, 2008


Workshop Objectives

To improve participants’ understanding of ICT4D as a development concept, and of policy processes as well as ICT policy development and advocacy.  The workshop will be also an opportunity to engage practically in preparing ICT policy issue documents as a basis for policy advocacy.   

Presenters: Elaine Wallace, University of Technology, Jamaica

                     Elizabeth Terry, ICT4D Jamaica


Day 1, November 11, 2008

8:30           General welcome and Introductions  

·         ICT4D Policy development and CIVIC- defining the context

9:00           Workshop opening                                         

·         ICT and development 

10:30         Coffee break

10:45         Public policy frameworks                               

·               ICT Convergence policy-making

·               ICT policy as cross-cutting: the link with sectoral policy

12:30         Jamaica ICT4D Policy development process

      13 :00        Lunch

14:00         Policy development and policy advocacy

15:45         Coffee break

16:00          Advocacy in practice

                  Overnight  Assignment:  Developing the policy issues document

17:30         End of day



Day 2, November 12, 2008


8:30                 Global and regional policy-making networks in the Global ICT environment

·         Regional ICT4D issues

10:30               Coffee break

10:45               Policy development and policy advocacy in practice

(Breakout sessions)

12:45               Lunch

14 :30              Policy development and policy advocacy in practice

(Breakout sessions continue/conclude)

15:45               Coffee break

16:00               Next steps - Policy recommendations and advocacy strategies

17:00               End of day



Channel Managers Training

November 12, 2008


Presenters: Yacine Khelladi, CARISNET Consortium/ Fundacion Taiguey

                      Stéphane Bruno, CARISNET Consortium/ AHTIC


9:00                The channel web tools presentation of the platform, how it works, hands and practice,

10:30               Coffee Break

11:00               Automatic translations (how it works, inputs requirements

11:30               Group facilitation/moderation techniques and  tips

2:30                 Developing the Channel Charter, and the CIVIC 2.0 editorial policies

4:00                  Coffee Break

5:00                 Developing the Channel Charter


CIVIC 2.0 Consultations

13-14, November , 2008


Day 3  Thursday, November 13, 2008

Overall purpose

-          Build group identity, a sense of belonging, especially for new members and non-members

-          Collect memorable concrete stories that exemplify what CIVIC has done well and build on them to envision “the future CIVIC”, setting the stage for next day’s planning


09:00                Opening Welcome     Valerie Gordon, CARISNET Consortium

                        Angelica Ospina, IDRC

 9:30                CIVIC Timeline           Yacine Khelladi, CARISNET Consortium

10:00               Advancement report on the new CIVIC website - Stéphane Bruno, CARISNET Consortium

10:45               Coffee break

11:00               The Best of CIVIC stories

12:30               LUNCH

13:45               Visions of the future

15:00               Coffee break

15:45               Plenary  

16:30               Evaluation of the Day

16:45               Departure to Santo Domingo

18:00              Conference/Reception at the  Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)




Day 4  Friday, November 14, 2008


Overall purpose


To produce draft 2009-2011 CIVIC Work Plan that defines strategic priorities; seek consensus on next steps, including future development of collaborative proposals by CIVIC members to implement the strategy



9:00                 Opening

9:30                 Defining our Strategic Priorities

- Presentation of resource people from regional organizations

- Work in a variety of small groups

10:30              Coffee break

10:50               Continue to work on strategic priorities

 12:30              LUNCH

13:45               Refine proposals

15:15               Coffee break

15:45               Final Plenary

18:00               Close